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Life at boarding is awesome when you get involved in the many activities that take place. Like all boarding schools, there are times when boarders are doing compulsory activities, like going to school, having meals or doing their homework. However, our boarders also get a lot of time to be involved in many activities.

Our boarders are often seen out swimming and having a great time in both fresh water and saltwater here in and around Cairns. There are also boarding camps where we go to our private property – the Wilderness Centre – and spend the weekend swimming, going for walks and playing spotlight.

Each boarding house has a campfire, and in the cooler months the boarders sit around the fire playing their guitars, yarning with each other and cooking up a feast of fresh fish and pippies they have caught while out at the mangroves.

We also head to places like ten pin bowling, the swimming pool and the movies. For boarders who have been doing the right thing and going to their classes, the College pays for these activities.

Many of our boarders are very keen on sport, so we have boarders who play AFL, rugby league, soccer, softball, basketball, touch football and do boxing training. If there is a sport that you are interested in, we can find a competition for you to be involved in.

A favourite activity is the weekly shopping trip to Cairns Central. On a Saturday afternoon after all the beds have been stripped and fresh sheets are on the beds, boarders are taken into Cairns Central for a weekly shopping trip.

Boarding life is so much better when you get involved with all the different activities that we have in place.