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Djarragun College is committed to improving the life outcomes of Indigenous people through the provision of quality education. We are always looking to remain connected to the many students who have been fortunate to call Djarragun home for their schooling.

We are looking for mentors to help inspire and motivate our current students to achieve their best and we are always looking for ways to strengthen our connection to our broader community.

If you would like to remain connected with the College, please join today:

Alumni Stories:

Djarragun College is establishing a Past Students Association and would like to introduce the Ambassador, Rosemary Tabuai.

Rosemary attended DC from Years 3 to 12 and was Dux in 2006. She completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Environmental Humanities at the University of New South Wales and is currently employed as an Environmental Consultant with GHD.

Her long-term ambition is to grow her “skills, network and leadership potential to enable her to influence the community and industry to better understand their role in environmental sustainability”. As a Torres Strait Islander woman Rosemary is interested in “exploring the ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can contribute to corporate Australia and environmental regulation”.

“I am looking forward to sharing my personal story, to inspire, encourage, and challenge the students”, she said.