Getting to school is really important and that is why the College is committed to helping every family get to school.

The College operates several bus services, all the way from Cairns city through to south of Gordonvale. For many of our primary students, we offer a door-to-door service if your house is along our bus run. This means, we can pick up our students from their front door and drop them back after school.

Some of our buses are wrapped with Djarragun while other buses are operated by Loves. Our receptionist, Shanan, can help you know which bus will collect you each morning. It is important that students are dressed in their College uniform, as that is how the driver knows to collect you.

The College operates the following buses:

The school day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3:00pm. Most students travel to and from school on buses. All staff walk their students to the buses in orderly lines at the end of the day and supervise until all students have safely embarked.

Parents picking up children should ensure that they do so by 3:30pm.

When driving into the school grounds, be aware that the speed limit is 10kph, which is walking pace. Please be considerate and ensure that you don’t double park or block the thoroughfare.

At Djarragun we believe every day counts. Students who miss the morning bus are still required to attend school. We ask that parents/carers arrange alternate transport where possible or contact the school for assistance.