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Djarragun College is committed to being the school of choice for students, parents and communities in the Cape York and Torres Strait Island. The College is proud to welcome students from across the country as we support each and every student to reach their potential.

We work in partnership with parents in the journey of providing a culturally appropriate and safe education for the students of the College. We cannot do this important work alone and that is why it is vital that we partner with parents to support the young men and women in our school to walk confidently in two worlds, to be leaders and role models for their families and communities.

How Can Parents Be Involved?

We encourage parents to be in and around the school for all the events we host. This is a great time to get to know what your child is learning at school and to meet the many adults that we have at the school to help support your child’s education.

For our boarding parents, we encourage you to escort your child to school a few times a year so that you can meet with the adults at the school and to talk with them about your child’s progress. This is all paid for by Abstudy. It’s also a great time for you to be involved in some of our special days, such as Cross Country Carnival, NAIDOC Day and Presentation Day.

Can I Meet with my Child’s Teachers?

Yes. We want you to be involved in knowing the teachers who work with your child each day. We encourage our parents to come into the school and spend time here with the teachers. If you are here over lunch, you are always welcome to come and have lunch with your child and their friends as you catch up with the teachers.

Can I Meet with the Principal?

Yes and this is encouraged. Mr Michael is always willing to meet with parents and to hear how we can continue to support your child’s learning at the College. He values the time and your thoughts and wants you to know that you can contact him and meet with him.

Are There Indigenous Staff at the College?

Yes there are and they’re always willing to meet with you and to connect with you as they support your child’s learning at the College.

What Support is Available to Parents?

The College understand that parents sometimes need support too and our support staff, including our doctors, nurses, wellbeing coaches, psychologists, youth support officers and leaders are here to support you in this partnership.

Sometimes, this involves support for understanding how other government agencies, like Centrelink, work and to help our parents and families interact with these agencies. While our primary work is in education, we value the importance of helping our families navigate some of the tricky workings of agencies so that our families are empowered.

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