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At Djarragun College, we use a number of online systems and resources that help us provide you with the best possible school experience.


Canvas is an online learning management platform which provides staff and students with an integrated learning environment that can be accessed any time, from anywhere, on almost any device.

A large portion of your school work will be available through canvas as well as assessments and feedback from teachers.

To access Canvas, click on this link

Email Address

All students at the College have access to a College email account. This can be accessed anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection.

To access your email, go to You will need to enter your details correctly to access your emails.

If you have difficulties accessing your emails, please see your teacher or IT staff.

Please remember, all email traffic can be read and can be monitored by our IT systems.


Primary students have access iPads and laptops in their classrooms. Your teachers will let you know how you can access them.

In secondary, each of our classrooms has a bank of laptops that students can access during class time. Secondary teachers will be increasing their use of online learning through Canvas, so you will find that more and more you will access these laptops for this work.