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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Djarragun College.

Situated only 30 minutes from the centre of Cairns, Djarragun College provides opportunity for students from around Australia. Djarragun is a non-denominational independent college specialising in providing an excellent learning environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students from Prep to Year 12.

More impressive is what Djarragun College stands for. We provide opportunities and pathways for those seeking entrance into university and other tertiary education as well as the largest vocational educational programs for those pursuing a pathway from school to work. Along with separate girl and boy boarding facilities for secondary students, it is not surprising students from around Australia are seeing Djarragun as their school of choice.

All visitors are impressed with the extensive facilities and impressive gardens and sporting fields set in the warm tropics. Our campus is open, and we value the importance of providing a stimulating learning environment.

The Djarragun College Board is determined to continue on its path to becoming the number one Indigenous College in Australia.

Please read more on the website and I trust you will see why the future of Djarragun is so bright.


Dr Michael Barton
Executive Principal


What an amazing day: Djarragun College Presentation Day 2023. It was a perfect way to farewell our Year 12 students and acknowledge our Year 6 students’ beginning their Secondary educational journey. So many awards were also handed out to some exceptional students; congratulations!