Senior Executive

Michael Barton

College Principal

Peta Freney

Deputy Principal - Staff Professional Learning and Pedagogy

Sean Ashby

Director of Finance and Corporate Services

Christine Roberts

Deputy Principal - Curriculum and Academic Development

Cor Bezuidenhout

Deputy Principal - Students and Wellbeing

Taro Morrison

Director of Business Development and Strategy

Middle Leadership

Shonell Gohier

Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Sarah Tolhurst

Sr. School Co-ordinator English, Humanities and Arts

Kerryn Williams

Human Resource Manager

Matthew Paterson

Head of Learning Enhancement

Sharon Patterson

Students Co-ordinator

Lizzie Ashby

Direct InstructionCo-ordinator

Mark Lindsey

Primary Australian Curriculum Co-ordinator

Noela Millican

Head of Boarding

Kylie Agius

Students Co-ordinator

Andrew Jackson

Facilities Manager

Robert Millican

ICT Infrastructure and Service Delivery Manager