Senior Executive

Michael Barton


Peta Freney

DP Staff and Professional Learning

Sean Ashby

Director of Finance

Debbie Neilson

DP Curriculum and Academic Development

Cor Bezuidenhout

DP Students and Wellbeing

Taro Morrison

Director of Business Development and Strategy

Middle Leadership

Shonell Gohier

Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Sarah Tolhurst

Sr. School Co-ordinator English, Humanities and Arts

Kerryn William

Human ResourceManager

Matthew Paterson

Head of Learning Enhancement

Sharon Patterson

Students Co-ordinator

Lizzie Ashby

Direct InstructionCo-ordinator

Mark Lindsey

Primary Australian Curriculum Co-ordinator

Noela Millican

Head of Boarding

Kylie Agius

Students Co-ordinator

Andrew Jackson


Robert Millican

ICT Infrastructure and Service Delivery Manager