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At Djarragun, we are proud to be the school of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from the local area and across the country. We are proud to be working to providing opportunities for students to develop and share their culture while meeting the learning requirements of the Australian education system.

Our College Board, Executive, staff and school community are committed to providing a culturally safe learning environment. For us, a culturally safe learning environment is:

An environment that is spiritually, socially and emotionally safe,

As well as physically safe for people;

Where there is no assault, challenge or denial

of their identity, of who they are, and what they need.

* Williams, R. (1999). Cultural safety – what does it mean for our work practice? Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 23(2) 213-214.

At Djarragun, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and non-Indigenous staff work together to provide opportunities for students to celebrate their culture. Throughout the year, the Netat Bama Kodomir Committee work with our local Elders and regional Elders in leading cultural reflections and celebration on key milestones in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander calendar.

Our College promotes students remaining connected to their language and to speak with languages amongst each other and to teach others their language. We encourage our students, with permission from their Elders and with permission of the Elders on the land we dance, to remain connected to their cultural dances and to share and be proud of this at key College events, including Leaders Ceremony, NAIDOC Day and Presentation Day.

Our students are talented artists, with creative skills across dance, music and art. We encourage and provide opportunities for students to engage in these activities and to extend their skills in art to selling their works in our commercial gallery.

We understand, that together, we are stronger.