Welcome to Let’s Learn

Let’s Learn is a free educational program, for children transitioning into Prep. Each of the five Let’s Learn sessions are aimed at easing your child’s journey into school life.

Hosted within a school environment, the program is designed to guide your child in their first steps, as they discover a whole new world of education. Let’s Learn gives future learners the opportunity to experience the normal routines of a school day, and looks at individual child readiness.

The program gives each child the tools to prepare for that very special first day of school, and aims to leave them feeling more comfortable and confident in their personal learning journey.

Meata Dau in P1 with her daughters Norah Dau, 8, and Mary Dau, 1 yr. Picture: Marc McCormack

Who can register for the program?

This program is open to any child who is looking to start Prep in 2021, regardless of where you plan on educating your child.

What is the formula for making the right decision about when and where to send my child?

Taking the time to investigate all available options will always prove beneficial when looking at making the right decision for your child’s future in education.

Finding the right learning environment that will embrace your child as a unique individual is a recommended beacon to help direct your exploration.

Realising that there is no set formula for making this decision can be handy advice. Take on board everyone’s advice but remember that you know your child best!

What is involved in the Let’s Learn transitional program?

The Let’s Learn Prep transition-to-school program consists of one session held over five Fridays. This allows your child to experience the different components of a regular school day and to explore all areas of school readiness in a hands-on interactive way. Children will engage in learning activities, gross and fine motor skills practice and social interaction with peers. The focus will be on introducing children to our daily routine in order to familiarise them with our environment and the expectations of school life. We would like children to complete our program with increased confidence and be excited to start their school journey. 

Session Information

Session 1: 
My Classroom

The aim of the first orientation session is to introduce students to their Prep classroom and playground environment. Children will arrive and settle into activity stations based on literacy, fine motor skills development and play. This facilitates a calm drop-off, encourages social interaction and immerses children in Prep literacy practices. Children will meet their buddies for a morning tea snack and join them for a short playground playtime.

Session 2: The World Around Me

In session two, children will have a taste of Science and learn how weather affects our lives and everyday environment. We will go cloud hunting with cloud cameras as we tour the school campus. We will visit our College library for a story, create cloud art and return to our classroom to discuss our scientific observations of clouds. Children will meet their buddies for a morning tea snack and join them for a short playground playtime.

Session 3: Interacting with Technology

In session three, children will explore numbers and science concepts through hands-on interaction with current technology that we have available for our students. They will rotate through technology activities and experience coding with Botley the Robot, a virtual excursion and drone flying with Dr Barton. They will have lunch with their buddies and playtime on the equipment.

Session 4: My Active School Life

In session four, children will engage in a gross motor skills lesson that has the components required to promote hand and eye co-ordination, balance and strength. They will learn about an active, healthy lifestyle, discuss what goes in a healthy lunchbox and explore our vegetable garden. The children will have lunch with their buddies and playtime on the oval.

Session 5: A Specialist Experience

For our final session, the day will start with a Primary School assembly where our future students will be welcomed and acknowledged. Children will be accompanied to specialist classes to experience Art and Music. This will be a memorable and most enjoyable day, as children explore their creative selves. Children will have both recess and lunchtime in the playground with their buddies.